Our Expertise

Bespoke Interiors that Bring Outstanding Design to Life

For decades, we have worked closely with leading architects to create beautiful bespoke interiors. Through mastering great challenges, we have gained valuable experience and developed an acute sensitivity to the demands of great architecture. We understand design language and appreciate important details during the project lifecycle. A key strength is our ability to bring together the technical view of the joiner with the vision of the designer. We work collaboratively with architects and designers to find solutions on how to best implement their designs into fitted interiors. Please contact us to discuss the implementation of your project.

Consultation & Planning

Detailed project planning is at the core of our work. At the outset of complex interior fit-out projects, every point of view must be taken into account. With feasibility studies, we assess the design to devise a strategy for its technical implementation. In this way, we work closely with all parties to plan every stage of the project and advise architects and clients on the best method of constructing the interior fittings.

Finding Technical Solutions

Building bespoke interiors to the specification of outstanding design often requires creative solutions. At MAETZLER, our work is truly made to measure and as such, we are used to overcoming technical challenges to produce and install exceptional pieces of joinery. Our joinery frequently combines wood with various materials such as glass, metal or stone and uses specialist techniques, such as invisible fastenings. Please get in touch to discuss the development of bespoke technical solutions for your projects.

Detailed Shop Drawings

Precise execution plans and drawings are an important element in the creation of high-quality interiors. At MAETZLER, our work is characterised by exceptionally detailed shop drawings.

With the help of these, complicated constructions can be precisely planned from the outset to identify any challenges at an early stage. Thorough review and approval procedures are then followed to refine every last detail. Our detailed shop drawings set us apart as they enable us to produce exceptional quality pieces with attention to intricate details, down to the design of individual joints.

Architects and project managers cite our precise shop drawings as one of the key reasons for continually partnering with us.

In-house Paint Shop

The creation of high-end interiors requires exceptional quality finishes. Thanks to our in-house paint shop, we are able to create customised surfaces, colours and finishes that precisely match the vision of the designer.

The type of finish is specific to the desired effect and product function. We advise customers and architects on our wide range of available products and use precise material and colour sampling to present finishes which exactly match the design concept. We offer a wide range of finishing techniques such as colour, metallic, and high-gloss lacquering, patina effects, colouring, sanding and wood staining.

Precise Installation

MAETZLER bespoke interiors are precisely adjusted and installed on site, ensuring the perfect fit. Our assembly team are distinguished by their professional skill, reliability, flexibility and their dedication to providing excellent service. Flawless installation is our specialism, and we plan the installation thoroughly from project conception. We define perfection as neat installation using concealed mounting and minimal joint sizes. These details are essential for the successful completion of a project and ensure that our products are of the highest quality down to the fittings.