Our Services

Bespoke Interiors

Precise implementation of outstanding designs

We love to build outstanding bespoke interiors that enhance our customers’ homes and businesses.  To create the unique, we work very closely with architects and designers to implement their design into beautiful high-end interiors. We work collaboratively to deliver personal advice, situational planning and implement creative ideas. At MAETZLER, we relish the challenge of creating bespoke interiors using innovative materials and complex techniques. We have excellent industry partners whose expertise we use to the benefit of our customers. These include contacts in the wood trade, parquet and lacquer production and metal processing. Specialists such as restorers and designers are also consulted as required. We take great care in selecting our craftsmen and materials of the highest quality to produce our sophisticated bespoke interiors.

Bespoke Furniture

Unique pieces of furniture, made to measure

Lifestyles and tastes are individual and diverse. At MAETZLER, we develop and produce bespoke pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime. We see it as our task to implement our customer’s personal ideas and wishes to perfection. When designing a piece of furniture, we work closely with our customers and advise on functionality, using our vast experience. We love to combine materials and surfaces such as brass, metal, stone and glass to create truly unique made-to-measure furniture. We take great care in creating beautiful bespoke furniture that truly fulfils our customers’ dreams.

Fire Protection Doors and Glazing

Wood and glass: MAETZLER create fire protection solutions that are elegant and effective.

Contemporary architecture demands new dimensions in structural fire protection. The striking combination of natural wood and glass is ideal to maintain high safety standards while keeping rooms light and airy.

With our partners, we have developed sophisticated fire protection elements for glass walls and doors to achieve maximum transparency. Through coupling innovative concepts with technically excellent design, we have set new standards for safety. The versatile MAETZLER fire protection system is VKF approved.

Heritage Preservation

Preserving traditional values in style

Traditional construction methods are crucial in the restoration of protected buildings. Historical materials and production steps are required, which many joiners are no longer skilled in. Thanks to our many years of experience and the outstanding skill of our joiners, we have become a specialist in the field of restoration and heritage preservation. With great care, skill and craftsmanship, we help to bring important historical buildings back to life.