Showroom Bespoke Interiors

High-Quality Interior Design with Horizontal Elm Veneer for Bakery with Café

For a bakery with a café in Domat/Ems, MAETZLER was commissioned to create a bespoke interior made from high-quality elm wood. The elm veneer was laid horizontally, seamlessly running throughout the entire space.

The centrepiece of the carpentry work is the sales counter, which impresses not only with its aesthetics but also with its functionality. The counter aids the staff with integrated glass display cases, cash register systems, and kitchen appliances, while also drawing the customers’ attention.

In addition to the sales counter, we installed various shelves that blend seamlessly with the overall interior design concept. These shelves provide practical storage space and serve as stylish design elements that contribute to the warm and inviting atmosphere of the bakery. Various sliding doors, also featuring horizontal elm veneer, create a stylish separation to the ancillary rooms.

With the bespoke furniture and carpentry work, MAETZLER was able to perfectly realise Thöny’s architecture, creating a harmonious and functional environment that meets both the bakery’s requirements and the customers’ expectations. The use of high-quality elm wood not only gives the bakery an elegant look but also ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere where customers and staff alike feel comfortable.

Design by Thöny Projects