Showroom Interiors

Bespoke Interiors and Adaptable Dining Table for Napa Grill

MAETZLER was entrusted to build the interiors of the Napa Grill restaurant in Zurich. All interiors were bespoke designs following the instructions of the architect. All visible surfaces are made with oak veneer that is finished with a dark stain, giving the restaurant a very sleek feel.

Two highlights of this beautiful project are the bar area and a special dining table in the private dining area. The oak-stained bar immediately catches the eye with its backlit front. The LED lighting shines through painted glass and helps to create a relaxed ambiance in the restaurant.

In the private dining area, a special dining table is the centrepiece of this restaurant. The round table is built in two concentric circles and equipped with a special chain construction. The outer table ring can be detached and lifted to the ceiling using the chain mechanism. This way, the table can be adjusted to different group sizes that use the room for their dining experience. With both circles attached, the dining table can host a party of up to 18 people. For fewer guests, the outer ring is lifted to the ceiling, so the guests can sit closer together and enjoy their meal in more intimacy.

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