Showroom Bespoke Interiors

Bespoke interior for Birdy’s Restaurant in Brunnen

In the new restaurant Birdy’s in Brunnen MAETZLER carried out the joinery work to build an exceptional interior. Birdy’s was designed in the style of a bird paradise, to which our joinery elements add a key contribution. The heart of the restaurant is the new bar counter. All sides were clad in green ceramic tiles to match the style of the overall restaurant. The countertop was made of smoked oak veneer, which was stained slightly dark.

Another special feature of the bar is an ingenious sliding door construction that was made by MAETZLER. The aim was for the sliding door not to be noticed. This required a hidden installation and concealed fixings, as well as a special door handle. A wallpaper with the image of a hidden door in the rainforest was applied to it to the door. Customers will not see notice the sliding door but will only be transfixed by the portal in the rainforest. Behind this door is a lift for customers with limited mobility. A mysterious passage through the portal into the rainforest awaits these customers.

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