Showroom Bespoke Interiors

Bespoke Interiors for Villa on Lake Zurich

MAETZLER was tasked to carry out a beautiful interior fitting in a villa in Küsnacht on lake Zurich. All joinery work such as the kitchen, doors, wall panelling and built-in cupboards were produced with American walnut veneer and assembled to create a dreamlike overall appearance. The kitchen fronts are covered with anodised aluminium sheets.

The entire interior had to like it was cast from a single mould. That means all transitions between the elements, from doors, to frame, to wall panelling, to build in wardrobes had to run smoothly, without any visible joints or gaps. The perfect challenges for the MAETZLER team.

This project is a great example, for MAETZLER’s compentency in realising high-end architecture and cooperation with architects in the design process. Find out more here.

Michael Meier und Marius Hug Architekten