Showroom Bespoke Interiors

Curved Reception Desk and Bespoke Interiors for Hotel 7132 Vals

MAETZLER was tasked to build the bespoke interiors for a spectacular reception area and library at the Hotel 7132 Vals.

The Hotel 7132 is famous worldwide and has special contacts in architecture. Many world-renowned architects have designed a suite for the “House of Architects”, which integrated in the hotel complex, such as Peter Zumthor, Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, Thom Mayne, etc. So it is a special honour that for every hotel guest starts their luxurious holiday at a bespoke reception built by MAETZLER.

The construction of the reception desk was particularly interesting for us. It consists of two semi-circular halves, which an interesting challenge for the construction. For the production of the round shapes, we needed specially made slotted panels, which were bent into shape.

In the adjacent library, MAETZLER built very elegant shelves, that impress with very thick frames. These shelves were adapted to the design of the parquet flooring and the ceiling. By means of built-in LED lights in the shelves, a discreet lighting situation is created, which creates a beautiful atmosphere around the fireplace.

The reception and the furniture in the lobby were veneered in oak and stained to the desired colour.

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