Showroom Fire Protection

Wide Arched Fire Protection Doors for ETH University NO/NW

In the building NO/NW of the ETH university in Zurich, all fire protection doors were manufactured by MAETZLER. On the different floors, different design styles were chosen, which also meant that the fire protection doors were designed to look quite different. This demonstrates the wide range of options for fire protection solutions made of wood. It is also a beautiful interaction of beautiful architecture and the high technical demands of fire protection.

In the old wing of the building, which was being renovated, fire doors and fire glazing were designed using a traditional style. The fire doors look outstanding with their beautiful and wide arched friezes made of dark stained oak. The glazing is room-high, which was a great challenge that had to be mastered by the installation team. With these fire doors, MAETZLER was able to perfectly implement the traditional architecture and give the building an imposing effect.

More fire doors and fire-resistant glazing were used in the new wing of the building. Here the architects chose a more contemporary style for their design. Consequently, the wooden frames are kept minimally narrow and painted black. These doors perfectly show the diversity in wood. Some viewers are surprised that these fire protection doors are made with wooden frames and are not steel constructions.


ANS Architekten und Planer SIA AG, Worb